A Prayer for Hope Overflowing House

Following God and His heart for these kids is risky.  A friend reminded us of the story of Moses' call from God to go and serve Him. Moses went out with fear and much insecurity, but obeyed God.  It was not easy.  Things did not go so well right away in Moses' eyes.  It took years for the Israelites to finally have the freedom that God promised Moses He would bring through his obedience.  

Hope Overflowing House, we believe, is an act of obedience to God and motivated by love.  As some of you may know with adoption, there is what they call the "honeymoon phase" when a newly adopted child settles in for a short time with excitement and joy with their new family.  After a while home, the newness and excitement wear off and the wounds of the past are able to come out as they are in a safe, loving place.  With our boys now newly "home", there is much excitement and there will come a peace as they no longer have to struggle each day to find food, shelter, and safety.  Along with that newfound peace, comes a restlessness, as now the hard things of life are able to surface.  This is where we need your prayers.  

We would love to be able to do a prayer walk through this home, but we are offering this prayer here:  Lord, we believe you have great plans for these 12 boys you have gathered in this safe place.  This home.  We are humbled and honored to get to be a part of any work that you are doing and asking for your continued blessing and favor on Hope Overflowing.  This is Your home. These are Your boys.  We have seen you move in amazing ways to make this happen and are eager to see what You will do next!  You are in the business of transforming lives and are so faithful.  We are asking in Your name Jesus, that you would continue the good work you are doing.  That You would equip and enable all of our volunteers and staff to do this good work.  For the energy, strength, wisdom, compassion, love, filling of the Holy Spirit - to fully share the gospel with these boys.  We pray for your healing.  You say that you not only are close to the broken hearted, but that you bind up their wounds.  Praise You, that You are binding up these boys wounds already!  We ask for Your protection over all who enter.  For our boys, for our volunteers.  Let this home be a place full of Your presence and love. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank you for praying this with us!