Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from Hope Overflowing!  This has been an amazing year!  We thank God for the incredible work that He has been doing to transform these young men's lives.  From a rescue of 8 of our boys from a detention camp, to the quick lease of a home for them, God has had His hand, His blessings, and His purposes on Hope Overflowing.  We marvel at His kindness and especially at the gift of His Son, Jesus during this Christmas season.  

After some incredibly fast paced months, life at the house has been shifting and settling in.  As the boys are adjusting to this dramatically new life, some have not been able to cope with this much change.  Difficult choices had to be made as a few of our boys in the home were unable to commit to staying in a safe and positive space.  Many chances were given and the decision was made to let a couple of our boys go.  This was not easy, but for the 9 committed boys it has had a very positive impact.  

Currently, we have 11 boys, as we let a few go, we added a few more.  Interestingly, the boys that were unable to stay, are on the streets talking up, and promoting in a way, Hope Overflowing.  Menge says there are boys who beg him everyday for the opportunity to come live at Hope Overflowing House.  The need is great.   

Two of our new boys - Ashenafi on the left and Dani

Even knowing they are safe, in a good place, and loved, some of our boys miss family members. One of our boys was crying on his bed the other night with worry for his family.  He told Menge that he is eating 4 times a day and safe, but worries for his family that struggles to get one meal a day, so everytime he eats, he remembers them.  This boy had come to Addis 3 years ago with the hope of working and supporting his family who are 4 hours drive from Addis Ababa.  Sadly, this is the story for many of our boys.  

In the middle of this, our boys are writing journals and drawings - learning to express their emotions in new ways.  Many of them have posted their expressions of love and gratefulness to Hope Overflowing and God, in pictures and drawings next to their beds.  Beautiful.  

Please continue to pray for Hope Overflowing.  These are the names of our boys living at our house right now:

Naol, Muzemur, Yonas, Shumet, Temesgen, Fekadu, Jirata, Nati, Zerihum, Ahaenafi, and Dani


Needs we foresee for the upcoming year are:

Transportation.  We need a van to shuttle all of these boys around!

School Fees.  Most of our boys will be attending school soon and will need school fees and uniforms.

Staff Needs.  We are looking for counselor to attend to the boys psychological care and Menge also needs more support so that he can take a break! :). 

Thank you, again, for investing with us in these boys lives and for supporting Hope Overflowing.  God bless you, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!