With several of our street boys rounded up and taken 500 km outside of the city of Addis, we have been greatly concerned and praying for their safety and return.  This week Menge received a call from the boys taken!  They were asked if they had anyone to call - family, anyone who cared for them - and they called us, Hope Overflowing.  These boys know that they are loved and cared for by our faithful team of volunteers and could call on them in their time of need.  Praise God! 

Ethiopian New Year was celebrated September 11.  Yay 2010!  Hope Overflowing was able to bring two sheep, for a traditional roasting feast, to the AHOPE boys and girls group homes and share in the celebration with these kids.    Several of our volunteers who have built mentoring relationships in these homes were able to attend, as well as bringing along a few of our remaining street boys.  An Ethiopian coffee ceremony followed, where our volunteers shared the hope of Jesus and knowing Him.  Games were played and much fun had.  

We are thankful for this opportunity made possible by your faithful support and prayers!  Please continue to pray for the return of our boys, which will include the rental of a van and at least a days journey to go and bring them back.  God is faithful and a protector for His children.  We fully believe He has great plans for these children and are eager to see His continued provision and transformation in all of their lives.