After a long trip by both motorcycle and taxi, Menge was able to see our boys!  This is a miracle! Out in a rural and remote area, Menge said the camp resembled a prison from the outside and does not normally allow visitors.  With around 800 kids inside, he was able to find "our" boys and was greeted with tears and hugs.  Many boys who were also from the Stadium area of Addis and are familiar with our Hope Overflowing team, called out Menge and pleaded with him to help them as well.  

The picture painted was bleak for the care and hope for the kids housed there.  Some of the boys held up handfuls of dirt and told him that this is what they are being fed.  Menge did feel the older boys or young men were being given an opportunity to learn some job skills to take with them when released.  

Menge was able to meet with the camp director, and upon seeing the emotions and connection between Menge and our boys, he agreed to allow us to help them.  Menge is returning to Addis to acquire a letter from the Federal Ministry of Women's and Children's Affairs (MOWCA) with our official 501c3 paperwork for Hope Overflowing and a list of our boys names.  He will then return to the camp to bring our boys back.

A previous relationship our Hope Oveflowing team had developed with a police officer from the Stadium area has proved advantageous as the MOWCA would like more proof of the work we have been doing.  This officer was willing to write a letter for Menge to take to the office as well, explaining the work of Hope Overflowing he has witnessed.  God has his hand in all of this!  

Please pray for God's continued favor on us as we navigate the return of our boys, including a more permanent housing situation for them. Pray for safe travels, God's leading, blessing, and hand in their lives.  To Him be all glory and praise!