Prayer Request

We are greatly saddened and are requesting your prayers for several of our boys living on the streets, who we have been working with the past several months, that have been collected and taken to a far away city.  In an effort or campaign to clean up the area where the boys are living, they are being rounded up and placed in a work camp, or refugee camp type place, away from Addis Ababa.  This has happened before to a couple of our boys, and they have managed to make it back to their friends by escaping.  We are hopeful that through our Hope Overflowing volunteers efforts on the ground, we will find favor with the powers that are holding these boys and they can be returned to our care.  Please pray with us for their safety, protection, and release.  We know and love these boys and have been seeing such amazing progress in their lives by the power of God, and are trusting He will continue to care for them and bring them back.

Thank you,

Hope Overflowing Team