Hope Overflowing House

In order to have our street boys released from the camp they are currently being detained at, Hope Overflowing needs to have a home prepared for them to meet government requirements.  We had hoped and talked about what this would look like at some point for these boys as we have been caring for them, but this week we had to move fast!  Our team was able to find an adequate home and now we are in process of getting it ready!  Praise God!  Your faithful giving we had saved up, for such a time as this, enabled us to move quickly in acquiring a home.  Thank you.  

Reading in Psalm 106, it's about the Israelites, but reminds us of our boys, "Yet he saved them for his name's sake, to make His mighty power known...He saved them from the hand of the foe; from the hand of the enemy he redeemed them...Then they believed His promises and sang His praise." vs. 8, 10, 12.  Yes.  That these boys would know Him who is protecting and saving them, and one day praise Him.

As you can imagine, setting up a home for 15 boys and a few staff members will require a lot; furnishing bedrooms, living spaces, outfitting a kitchen, towels for the bathrooms, etc.  Personally, I would love to go to Target or Walmart and buy all kinds of cute stuff to get the house ready, but the best way to do this is to provide our team in Ethiopia with the finances and let them shop.  Our "new home shower" is listed below if you would like to be a part - and we promise we will post pictures of the home when it is ready!

  • Bedroom - 1 Bed $30,  1 set of Bedding $10 (x18 - including staff bedding)
  • Living Space - 2 Sofas $75 each, 2 Tables $10 each, 2 Lamps $10 each
  • Kitchen - 1 Large Table $100, 8 Chairs $100, Pots and Pans $50, Kitchen Utensils $30, Dishes $75
  • Bathroom - Lots of Washcloths and Towels $50, Soap $10
  • Cleaning Supplies - $40
  • Miscellaneous Fun - Soccer balls $5, TV $50, Anything else you can think of that we can tell our shoppers to look for there!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  God is truly moving and has great plans for these children.