Easter Celebration!

“Easter was fantastic!!” says Menge, after a full weekend of Easter celebration.  It began on Saturday when our New Life Home boys and staff visited four AHOPE group homes to provide sheep and some financial assistance to make an Easter feast possible for these kids. AHOPE has multiple orphanages with several older kid group homes. Kids range in age from 13-17.  Hope Overflowing has had an ongoing, supportive relationship with these kids for the past 2 years. Hope Overflowing stayed and played games with the kids at AHOPE and had a great time together!  

These are pictures of our guys from New Life Home and staff delivering sheep and enjoying time together!

The group then visited Kuma, the guard who kept an eye out on our boys when they lived on the street.  Kuma was a protector and provider of a safe space for our guys and frequently reached out to our staff regarding the well-being of the boys.  Hope Overflowing was providing Kuma with a little money every month to help keep watch over our boys on the streets.  This time the boys were able to come and thank Kuma for being such a good friend and we will continue to love on him and provide him with financial assistance for he and his son.  Kuma was amazed at the growth and changes he sees in the boys!  They are a witness to him of the love of our good God.


On Easter Sunday, New Life Home hosted over 40 people!  We are so thankful that God has provided such a wonderful home to be able to do this!  Seven street moms, and their little ones, came and spent the day with us. We were able to give them gifts - mostly clothes and diapers.  They feel at home with us and their sweet children made the holiday even more special! Fun games were played and the resurrection of Jesus talked about and celebrated.  Hope Overflowing is still in process of following God's leading in caring for these amazing women and their children.  We are hopeful to be able to provide more for them soon!  Keep praying!

Children from Bete Sida orphanage were also our guests for the day.  Hope Overflowing has been volunteering at Bete Sida for the past two years as well, investing in these kids lives and sharing the love of God.  The orphanage is closing and their resources are becoming even more limited. The director asked us to do whatever we could for the kids for Easter and was very appreciative of Hope Overflowing.  They seemed to have a great time playing with our guys, eating lots of good food, and receiving gifts we had for them of shoes and toys. They said they wanted to come to New Life Home every weekend!  God is good. Our guys and our staff are doing a great job of hosting and welcoming all of these guests into their space and their home. Sharing their resources that God has given them.

The first couple of pictures are of our two wonderful cooks, Tigist and Yabsalom, who provided a huge meal for all of our friends and family!  Our staff member, Ebenezer, enjoying playing with the kids and handing out clothes to the moms living on the streets.  The 5 kids a the end holding shoes, are our friends from Beta Side orphanage.  What a blessing that they came and that we were able to bless them with love and gifts!  Praise God.


Our 13 boys are transformed, not only physically, with good food and new clothes, showers and haircuts, but on the inside, in their hearts and minds.  It shows up in how they relate to one another and how they love those outside of their home. When our boys see beggars and those less fortunate on the streets, they always want to give.  We want our boys to grow with this mind of sharing, as that is what Hope Overflowing stands for.  "Love God. Love People." That their hearts would overflow with Him and they would see their resources as gifts for all of His people.  Sharing with others what God has blessed us with. To be a blessing for others! Menge often explains this heart with our boys and our staff. The purpose we are all made for is much bigger than ourselves. Easter was an excellent example of this and some of our boys even said, “Oh, this is what we mean when we say Love People, right?”  Yes! Loving people is sharing, helping, giving. Our boys are realizing this truth as they live it.

May the Lord keep calling their hearts and minds to His will and to His kingdom!  Amen!

Guys, this is amazing!  That we would get to help create this celebration for these kids.  That we would get to bless them in this way.  Thank you for your generous donations that enable our staff in Ethiopia to not only care for our boys at Hope Overflowing, but to extend the blessing to 5 orphanages and our street moms with their children.  God is so good!