These are the three areas Hope Overflowing is working

Street Kids

Children end up on the streets of Ethiopia for a variety of reasons, including having lost their parents, their families are too poor to care for them, they hope to earn a living to send home for their families, or they are leaving an abusive situation.  Many of these kids are disillusion and abused.  They are taken advantage of while scavenging for food to survive.  Taking drugs becomes an escape for their desperate circumstance.  Hope Overflowing approaches these kids with love and respect, earning their trust by providing friendship and much needed food.  Our team interacts with these children showing them the love of Christ by providing them meals, clothing, and shelter.  God's transforming power moves in these children's lives as some are reunified with families, others are given the opportunity for jobs, and in the future, job training,  As Hope Overflowing, we believe that these children will be transformed, but supporting them by itself is an act of worship in the sight of God.  


We are partnered with a handful of orphanages to provide mentoring and counseling to their older children, mainly HIV+. While these places are doing a great job at providing a place to live, meals, medication, and education, often they have limited resources. There is a gap between the physical and emotional needs being met as these kids are likely to feel discouraged, depressed, and prone to addictions.  Seeing life as unfair and believing God is against them because they have HIV, they see others being adopted as they are left behind. They are craving for someone to show an interest in them, share life experiences, mentor, tutor, counsel and share the Gospel with them. Many follow the faith of their caretakers by default. They yearn for true hope, love, and a future. Hope Overflowing is working to build relationships and attempting to fix the gap by God’s grace.

Training and Mobilization of Christians

Evangelical Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Ethiopia. It doubled three times just in the past 25 years. But even though the numbers are growing, the focus is growing inward. Most Christians in Ethiopia do not give priority for missions and service. Hope Overflowing is providing missions training's to the leadership of various churches and Christian groups, to show them what God wants them to do as His followers. We mobilize everyone to engage in missions, doing something according to their calling, to make His name known among all the nations and to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. In addition to the formal training materials, we also share with them our experiences with the orphans and street kids. Christians are very open to hearing from someone who is already doing something. Our goal is to inspire more and more Christians to let their hope overflow in the service of others, to the glory of God.